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BarBici does not discriminate in employment because of race, creed, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information, or veteran/military status.

Creating a restaurant concept that expresses a passion for Italian food and active lifestyles, BarBici fills a need in our community. If you are a passionate, energetic person capable of expressing enthusiasm, you are on the right team! Our Team Members take pride in preparing BarBici's craveable food and connecting with our guests. In order to achieve our mission, our Team Members adhere to BarBici's high standards of food preparation, cleanliness and sanitation, and they deliver hospitality to our guests.

The ideal BarBici Team Member will:

  • Aspire to live and support an active lifestyle
  • Communicate and interact well with guests
  • Demonstrate craft via culinary showmanship
  • Execute BarBici systems with operation excellence

What does BarBici mean?

BAR = Food Bar / Open Kitchen

BICI = (BEE-chee) Short for "bicicletta" (BEE-chee-kleh-tah) or bicycle

Mission Statement

This is Our Purpose...Our Mission...

We fuel good health and well-being

These are our Core Values...a part of our Culture

  1. Practice enthusiastic servant leadership focused on the Guest Experience.
  2. Live with ethics and integrity.
  3. Passionately develop and promote personal growth.
  4. Share our fanatic belief in the concept.
  5. Be active corporate citizens.
  6. Seek continuous improvement.
  7. Embrace fun!

If you would like to be a part of our Team, view our

Job Descriptions